About us

Doug Bragg Enterprises Limited was established in Collingwood, Nova Scotia on May 1, 1986.

The primary purpose of Doug Bragg Enterprises Limited was to manufacture the patented blueberry harvester and a number of other unique agricultural implements involved with the cultivation of low-bush wild blueberries.

The major sales item in the early years was the blueberry harvester. The equipment is very specialized and is manufactured in Collingwood under patent protection in Canada, United States, and Mexico.

In addition to manufacturing the blueberry harvester, DBE has diversified its business by utilizing the technology and expertise it has acquired through the development of specialized blueberry equipment, to develop and execute various projects outside the blueberry industry including:

  • Highway Mowers
  • Cranberry Harvester
  • Electronics
  • Plastics and aluminium moulding
  • Machining and laser cutting
  • Material Handling & Innovation

DBE also has a number of research, product development and improvement programs that are presently under way to take the wild blueberry industry into the digital age and beyond.


Meet Carl Bragg the owner and CEO of Doug Bragg Enterprises.

Carl has been a shareholder and CEO of Doug Bragg Enterprises Limited (DBE) since 2000. Under his guidance, company sales have grown more than fivefold, despite some very challenging economic times in the agricultural industry.

He has an extensive background in heavy machinery, process controls, and manufacturing processes. He has been formally trained as a heavy equipment technician, has developed and implemented productivity and margin tracking systems, and is actively engaged in research and development projects connected to advancing blueberry harvesting technology.