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This section of our web site provides descriptions and specifications for the various harvesters and mowers manufactured by DBE. Click on the links to the left to view more information about each product.

The prices in Canadian dollars of the main DBE products are shown in the table below as at January 1, 2014. DBE reserves the right to change the prices without notice and our customers should contact DBE to confirm prices.

Harvester (Single/ Reversing)
Harvester (Double/ Reversing)
Reversing Manifold (Trade in Old Manifold)
$6,000 per head
Weed Wiper With Foam Marker
3 Gang Mower
5 Gang Mower
7 Gang Mower
3 Point Hitch (5 Foot)
Bin Loader
Single Remount
$7,000 **
Double Remount
$12,000 **

** Please note that remount prices listed above are base prices only and the final price will be decided on a case by case basis depending on make, model and type of mount.

Used Equipment

2013 - 7230 John Deere (Demo)
24 speed
New Double Harvester and Bin Handler
Price $215,000.00